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're concerned but they're not saying sorry. james holmes' parents standing by their son in the wake of that movie theater massacre insisting they have no plans at this point to apologize. >> all right. this woman didn't tell her doctor the truth about her medical past and lied. the top four lies you should never tell your doctor. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> good morning, everyone. hope you're going to have a good tuesday so far. brian, are you settled down now? >> yeah, i have to show the showboating that didn't -- that almost -- that we missed in the -- at the end of the show in a half-hour. >> will you be doing it or will you be doing it with arthur over your shoulder? >> i'm going to tackle you. >> if you don't mind. >> on the one. >> if i showboat, you better tackle me. >> let's get right to your headlines this morning. new video released by the taliban offering the chilling accounts of last month's attack on a u.s. base in afghanistan that left two americans dead. >> allah! allah! >> is that real audio from them when they let that off? the hour long video shows
james holmes' apartment and we can take a look at that now. i should explain that it was taken from the outside looking inside. however, our crew did not actually go into the residence which is still not accessible. you could see a soldier of misfortune poster in his bedroom and other items. aurora police investigators have already removed countless pieces of evidence to be used in the case against james holmes and the apartment building where he lives remains evacuated and surrounding with police barricades although some folks have been allowed to briefly return to gather some personal belongings. of course, we all got our first look at 24-year-old james holmes yesterday as he made his first appearance before a judge in arapahoe county. he was advised of his rights and told there would be no bond. he sat away from the people in the courtroom including most of his defense team. he didn't say a word the entire time. next up for the man suspected of killing 12 people and injuring dozens more, the filing of formal charges is scheduled to ham on monday, july 30th. district attorney not
is going to be traumatic definitely. ually -- we'll see for the first time, we believe, mr. holmes in person in court. there's a report out there he may not appear for his own safety. the report that we have is he'll be walked underground into court and he'll understand what he's up against and we'll get a chance to see his defense team which we understand he's met with. he's not cooperating with police but cooperated enough to let us know his whole apartment was booby trapped and if anyone opened that door, there would have been more carnage. >> it's interesting that he did that. the ultimate plan -->> i can't figure that out. >> i think his ultimate plan was to get away and when he was, then, caught in the movie theater parking lot, i'm not sure why he decided it was a good thing and decided to tell the police officers. otherwise, more lives would have been lost at his apartment complex. back to the court hearing for a minute, the bond will be set. obviously he's probably not going to get out on bond with the crimes that he's facing. it's not expected to last long at all and, of today. >> as we just told you, suspect james holmes could make his first court appearance since friday's movie massacre a few hours from now. over the weekend, investigators uncovered evidence that they say shows the suspect has been plotting attack for months. in light of that evidence, can the defense, then, still use the insanity defense? >> psychologist assistant professor of behavioral science medicine at turo medical college, dr. jeff gardier joins us now. we want to note that he has not examined holmes just going in. we're going by the outside and going by reports of what he concluded. first off, insanity. yes? >> i don't think it's going to happen. obviously, this was a young man who had severe emotional issues. that being said, it may not rise to the level of legal insanity. and therefore, in order to get, they'll make that plea, the defense attorneys have no choice. they have nothing at their disposal but to use that insanity plea. but unless this young man is openly a paranoid schizophrenic. >> say he was the joker. >> we may be looking at schizo typo personal
, there's more news when it comes to the mystery behind why james holmes, the suspected shooter took the action he did. >> there are disturbing new details emerging that holmes may have tried warning someone about the midnight movie massacre in colorado. fox news learning exclusively that holmes sent a notebook to a psychiatrist that was full of details about how he was going to kill people. >> alicia acuna live in aurora with the very latest. good morning to you. >> hi. good morning, guys. has this exclusive report in which it details more about this notebook that a law enforcemt source, two law enforcement sources, rather, say that james holmes sent to a psychiatrist before the shooting. one of the law enforcement sources tells that that notebook sat in a mail room since july 12th, remaining undelivered. a claim that the university denied in a press release yesterday. according to the report, the notebook details how holmes was going to kill people. >> right now, we know that james holmes committed this atrocity. it's not a who done it. it's why he did he d
clinton gets the first big night and then joe on final. >> and the colorado shooting suspect james holmes heads back to court as we get new information about the psychiatrist treating hum from centennial, colorado. good morning, elizabeth. >> that's right. in a few hours the accused shooter, james holmes, will arrive to the courthouse behind me. he will learn the extent of his charges. he could be facing a minimum of 12 first-degree murder counts as well as attempted 58 counts of attempted murder charges. during that hearing we will also hear two motions by the judge. not only did the defense file a motion citing that that notebook sent from home to doctor lynn fenton is patient privacy and shouldn't take my bicycle the hands of the fbi, we will hear a second motion that the gag order to be lifted so the public and the victims' families can have more access to information pertaining to holmes, not only for his melt vision but his relationship and if any treatment was happening with dr. fenton at the time of the shooting. this as the community goes through an emotional weekend. there were
name is james holmes. he is 24 years old and lives in north aurora. he was apprehended at the scene. he was wearing a bullet proof vest and a riot helmet. apparently what he did was we saw his car behind the movie theater a couple minutes ago from the chopper shot. apparently he crashed through the emergency exit door at the back of the movie theater, which was the front of the auditorium, and he set off a smoke bomb and started shooting dozens of rounds from multiple firearms. at least 15 dead at this point. 50 injured. >> peter: now local county, state and federal resources are at the beck and call of the police department of aurora, colorado, where they are now searching or attempting to search the home of apparently mr. holmes. they have bomb squad crews on the team, swat teams, tactical teams on the scene. >> steve: and a little while ago, about half hour ago, they had a swat vehicle where a guy was standing on the top of the vehicle with a long pole. rod wheeler told us he thought there was probable lea some sort of a listening device or else a camera on it. as we can see, they br
killed attending a makeshift memorial outside the theater. alleged gunman james holmes remains in solitary confinement this morning. prosecutors continuing to build their case against him. we'll have a live report from aurora in the next half-hour. he's known to generations as george jefferson. actor sherman hensley, the patriarch of the ground breaking family "moving on up" in america has died. >> now, we can't get out of here! >> don't get excited, george. >> who is getting excited? where's it at? >> police say hemsley was discovered by his nurse in el paso, texas. no foul play is suspected there. exact cause of death still unknown. he first played jefferson on "all in the family" before his character was spun off into "the jeffersons". that sitcom ran for 11 seasons from 1975 to 1985. he was 74. >> that was an unbelievable show. >> he was originally archie bunker's next door neighbor. >> they say we could never have an "all in the family" today. >> let's talk about what happened yesterday. we were back to business as usual as both governor romney as well as president oba
what happened to james holmes during the time he study neuroscience? that's one of the mysteries stemming from the mass shooting in colorado and it will remain a missry because the judge is banning the university of colorado, denver from releasing any records about holmes' time there. the judge says releasing them would impede the investigation. the shooter entered the prestigious program in june of 2011. he dropped out one year later. alleged shooter, i should say. we're hours away from the opening ceremony of the 2012 olympics. these are live pictures from olympic park in london. it's a typically gray day there. just moments ago, first lady michelle obama hosted a breakfast in team u.s.a.'s honor and offered some praise. >> being here is other worldly for me, you know? i am still so inspired by all of you and i'm still in awe at everything you have achieved. >> she's camouflaged to blend in with the flag. >> she does. >> prince william and duchess kate along with prince harry greeted the torch as it made its way to buckingham palace. those are your headlines. >> did you know
against james holmes. he's accused of killing 12 people at a movie three they are in colorado earlier this month. the motion set for unceiling of court records is set for next week. the judge will decide in the notebook mailed to his psychiatrist can be used as evidence or kept confidential. >>> a shock new congressional report revealing one in five illegal immigrants arrested for crimes commit within three years of being released. department of homeland security stats, based on nearly 8500 drunk driving offenses and more than 6,000 drug arrests. there were also arrests for murder and kidnapping. house judiciary chair is outraged by this. he said the obama administration could be prevented these crimes by enforcing our immigration laws but he refuses to while innocent americans suffer the consequences. no right from homeland security. those are your headlines this morning. >> did you get a phone call recently from the gallop people, they probably called during speaker, asking what is the number one issue that the next president of the united states must address? and this comes as bad
and katie holmes kept a prisoner? what? "fox & friends" starts right now. >> you almost had me! >> premature toss. >> woo-hoo! p.t. good morning. eric is sitting in for steve today. >> they have medication for that. >> really? >> we'll get a toss from what we call the cold open which is that introduction you see where the three of us are supposed to read. brian almost just lopped off eric. >> it almost happened. it would have been the first time. would the control room follow me or do the right thing and wait for you to read. >> the question is was it freudan? >> what do you mean? nothing. >> who is freud? a psychiatrist? >> yeah, we have to call in dr. ablow for you to lay down. let's talk about the storms over the weekend. it's a mess in several different states. washington, d.c., downed trees and power lines creating a headache for the morning rush hour and meantime, some people stocking up on ice as they face another brutal day without power in 100 degree heat. steve centanni live for us in maryland. good morning to you, steve. >> i was looking for ice yesterday. i cou
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)